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Folded Laundry- Hermiston, OR

Commercial Laundry Services

When your business is in need of laundry services, regular washers and dryers may not cut it. Thankfully, Hermiston Laundry has the equipment and resources to get even the toughest laundry job done quickly and efficiently. Located in the heart of downtown Hermiston, OR, we offer top-notch commercial laundry services for businesses and organizations across our community.

With commercial washers and dryers, we are equipped to handle heavy loads and tough messes. We leave your laundry looking fresh and clean, everytime. Plus, we do it all while offering prompt, reliable service.

Our Work With Local Hospitals

Hermiston Laundry is proud to work with local hospitals in order to accommodate their needs, and ultimately help our healthcare workers and their patients.

Our Contribution During the
COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, our local hospital reached out to Hermiston Laundry, asking if we could provide fast laundry service to help with their demands.

We quickly took on the task of laundering scrubs and gowns with a fast, one day turnaround. The hospital was appreciative of the quick timeframe.

This is just one example of how we step up to help our community.

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